Tuesday, 20 September 2011

WATER: What's All The Fuss About?

I am not going to rave on about how important water is, you should already know that. Instead I will give you some insights about water you don’t typically hear about. After all folks, we really do need this fabulous free resource to live…you know that right?

What You Need To Know
Drink it! Yep, that’s about it. Drink water and you may just resolve every health complaint in your life. Drink 1 Litre per 22kgs of body weight (0.25 gallons per 48lbs) each day. There are huge debates on whether to drink warm, room temperature or cold water. I say, you choose….just make sure you drink it. That’s the most important thing.

What You May Not Know
Water needs to be alive…yes folks it can be dead and be no value at all to you. Rivers run, Oceans move, rain fall. Nature has magically set this up for us to put electricity into our water.  Look what happens when your fish tank pump dies…so do your fish. This is because the water loses life. To bring your water to life tip your bottled water into a glass (through the air like rain) and then tip it into another glass and repeat once more. That’s it!  

For Those Who Don’t Like Water
WTF!! You got to ask yourself one simple question: what has happened to your tastebuds or your emotional connection to water that prevents you from enjoying the most important requirement of the body (second to air)? Here are a few guesses: you drink soft drinks, you drink instant coffee, you have a diet high in processed food, water makes you go to the bathroom a lot and it is a pain, you forget to drink it.
I knew someone who drank only diet coke, no water. I was blown away! He told me he had Leukaemia and was on 23 drugs a day. My intuition told me there was a direct link. After a quick discussion about water and the addictive and deadly chemicals in diet drinks he decided to go cold turkey and only drink water. 2 years later he was on no drugs (let me repeat that) NO DRUGS and was leukaemia free. Sounds amazing doesn't it. Well, this is a true story and he now enjoys a healthy and happy life.
Makes me wonder what else could be caused by 'non water' drinks.

Your Body Will Drink Bath Water
Your body will exchange about 1 litre of water per hour (or thereabouts) if you soak in a bath. So enjoy a good soak. Add ‘good’ salt to your bath…and don’t add chemical bubble baths etc. because these will soak into your body with the water…not a good idea.

Water Kills Plants
Dead water and microwaved water will kill plants if used as there only water source. A young girl did an experiment with mircowaved water on one plant and filtered water on another. The plant getting microwaved water died in nine days whilst the other plant thrived.
What does this tell you? What this tells me is that ditching my microwave oven 10 years ago was a smart choice. It also shows the importance of live, moving water. Go check out this and many other experiments online. Get water wise.

What's Obvious
·     Drink fresh, live (energised), ‘real’ water; it is the easiest change you can make.
·     If you don’t like the taste of water, your tastes are more than likely governed by addiction.
·     Commercial waters with extra ‘you need it’ chemicals in them are no good for you.
·     Water: drink it, swim in it, bath in it, dance in and celebrate it….it IS a life saver.

What's Next?
Get up, walk over to the cupboard, grab two empty glasses, fill one with water, now tip it into the second cup and repeat. NOW DRINK IT...nice huh.

Next time you go to drink ANYTHING other than water STOP!!! and see if you have the 'will' to put it down and grab a glass of water instead. If you can't then perhaps you may have an addiction to the chemicals in whatever it is you 'need' to drink....just sayin.

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