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NUDE FOODIE: Trish Maloy - 20 Day Water Fast

Trish Maloy
Sydney, Australia
Deb's Intro
When Trish told me she wanted to do a water fast I was thrilled for her. Water fasting is a gift to the body.
I met Trish and her husband Peter about 4 years ago whilst coaching them on their life journey. They have two daughters, run a successful manufacturing business, are active in personal development communities, love to travel and of course, love nude food. They are both amazing people with beautiful hearts. We have all become great friends and share similar interests and passions including delicious food. Trish is an amazing woman with strength, compassion, creativity and a genuine desire to make a difference in her life and the lives of those she loves. Trish embraces holistc living in her health, spirituality and business endeavours. Here is her fasting story....

Fasting experience:
Completed five juice fasts and every one has been completely different – my last juice fast in August was amazingly easy! This is my first WATER FAST!
I have coughed every day since July 2010 when I had the flu. That’s 15 months of couching! However, this wasn’t just coughing, I felt like I was choking most of the time. In September 2010, before I went on safari in Africa, I had a chest x-ray that showed my lungs were perfectly clear. I was on low grade antibiotics for two months to prevent malaria and this should have killed any infection. Still the coughing continued. Intuitively I got to leave it alone and it would look after itself (mind you I also intuitively got to do a water fast but I allowed others, and my identity, to talk me out of it). I had finally had enough last month (September 2011) and went to see my GP. He sent me for a CAT scan of my sinuses and it showed chronic sinusitis. I am seeing an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist in November. The outcome is most likely to be an operation to clear out the sinuses, apparently a very painful procedure. I decided to finally listen to my intuition and do a water fast! Also, Don Tolman suggests that a 21 water fast cures tinnitus, something that I have had for over 20 years, so I’m up for that end result as well!

Positive experiences this fast:

Proud of myself for actually beginning it! Amazed at my lack of hunger...the evening of Day 5 was the first hunger pang I had but it was only fleeting. I’m on Day 6 and have only coughed once today and that was really just clearing the throat...not chocking! I have lost 5.8kg! Mind you I had quite a bit to lose! My sense of smell has gone crazy. The sinuses starting to clear is probably responsible. Having times of amazing, insightful clarity – should get my pen and paper out at those times! Loving getting in the sun every day (this is an essential part of a water fast) – wasn’t sure how I would fit this into a working day but at lunchtime I take a chair in between the cars in the parking lot and push up my sleeves and roll up the trouser to get max rays!)

Negative experiences this fast:

I felt a bit light headed on day 2 and 3. Have had a few light headaches. I have been having very slow mornings but feel great in the afternoon. I feel very tired earlier in the evening so head for bed earlier. I’m not going to the gym as I don’t think I could handle intense exercise. Have only been able to meditate for about half an hour in the morning (usually meditate for about an hour)


Overcoming the fear of what my body would do in a water fast was my greatest obstacle. I was worried I’d make myself sick and add to my health issues. However, having done five Cabala fasts (and I had the same fear when I did my first juice fast!) gave me a lot of confidence in Dol Tolman and his teachings. In 2004 when we were first introduced to Don my husband Peter had, a then incurable, leukaemia and triple vessel heart disease. He was on 21 tablets a day! Today he is on no tablets at all and has had no sign of leukaemia in the 2.5 years he has been off his chemo drugs. After attending a Don Tolman weekend (at Deb’s suggestion) he became a vegetarian (he does eat seafood as well) and made a number of lifestyle changes. His Cardiologist shook his hand at his last appointment and congratulated him. He said that he had seen most patients over the years make a lifestyle change in the panic of diagnosis but as soon a they felt better they slipped back to their old habits. He said Peter were one of the few who make the changes permanent. I suggest everyone attend a Don or Tyler Tolman weekend...they are inspiring!

The words in this post are complete as provided by Trish Maloy. Nude Food has not changed or added to these words. Trish takes full responsibility for her decision regarding her own health and wellbeing. She is an inspiration. Nude Food recommends you consult your health professional before commencing any fast or eating fresh fruit and vegetables.  

Do you want more information?
Detailed information about fasting and 'everything you every wanted to know' about health, are found in Don Tolman's 2 volume reference books. They are brilliant...I recommend them!
Click here if you want a set of these brilliant books.

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