14 Day Juice Fast Recipe and FAQs

The CABALA Juice Recipe
This recipe makes approximately 2-2.5 litres of fresh juice (depending on your juicer). This is the minimum amount required daily...although you may have as much as you like...yes folks there is NO maximum.

2.5 kgs carrots
2 red apples
2 green apples
2 yellow apples (golden delicious)
1 lemon (whole...skin and all)
1 small beetroot

Juice the ingredients using a quality juicer (not a blender). Drink it as soon as you can after juicing or refridgerate. If you store it, keep it in glass!!

Can I drink water? Yes, if you want to...but there is no need to. Your choice.
What else do I need? I recommend you get a daily dose of sunshine. This helps the cleansing process and provides additional energy.
Should I juice all of this at once? I prefer to juice half the recipe in the morning, I buy 1 or 2 fresh juices from the juice bar whilst at work during the day (they know my recipe by heart now) and i juice the remaining half of the recipe in the evening. I recommend you juice only what you wish to drink at the time otherwise it oxidates and tastes a bit yucky.
What if I can't find yellow apples? Just use 3 red and 3 green apples.
Do I have to do 14 days? No...you don't HAVE to do anything, however I recommend 14 days for many many reasons. Firstly, at around day 9 or 10 most people want to give up and rationalise that they have done enough... these are your addictions undermining your health journey. I strongly suggest you go through this and do the 14 days. You will be amazed at the results.

I love food too much and i don't think i can do it? It is surprising how filling the juice is and how you won't experience hunger. Loving food is one thing...needing it is another. If you can't go without food, you may very well benefit from a fast to deal with the addictions behind your choices.
Can I eat anything whilst on the fast? The fast is a specific ancient recipe designed to cleanse and heal. I recommend you don't eat anything else whilst on the fast.

Can I exercise whilst I fast? You bet. After the initial 3 to 4 day detox has passed you will have plenty of energy to continue your normal exercise routine.
Should I check with my doctor before I fast? If you are on medication or have concerns, ensure you check with your health physician. Be mindful that most doctors have very little training in nutrition and may not have much knowledge about fasts. I suggest supplimenting your discussions with your health professional with your own research and intuition.

WHY Fast?

To give the body a rest from all that processed food.
To enable the body to undertake self-healing and cleansing.
To become aware of addictions and habits relating to food
To increase energy, reduce sleep needs and to improve overall wellbeing.

WHY Do The Fast For 14 Days?

The ancients would fast for a minimum of 14 days with additional increments of 7 days. It takes 14 days to break addictions. 14 days is half a moon cycle and relates to the bodies natural cycles.

WHY This Particular Juice?

This juice is an ancient recipe and I figure why change what has stood the test of time. This juice has all the body needs to function at it's best.
This juice is easy to make and tastes great.

WHO Cannot Do This?

I have not met anyone who can't fast. Of course if you are concerned, ensure you speak to your health support team before you embark on this adventure.

WHAT Can You Expect?

Some of the positive experiences people have include (but are not limited to):
- Reduction in body weight / fat
- Reduction in amount of sleep required
- Better tolerance of stress
- Improved personal resolve
- Improved intuition and mental capacity
- More energy
- Reduced appetite for processed food

Some of the negative experiences people have include (but are not limited to) most occur in the first 4 days:
- Headaches
- Diarrhea
- Feeling cold
- Light headed
- Flu like symptoms
- Tiredness
(gee sounds enticing doesn't it...)