Monday, 29 April 2013

What is Nude Food?

What is Nude Food?
Nude food is a concept, an idea, an aspiration to eat real food as nature intended. Of course what you wear is up to you (lol).
There are so many diets, fads and rules out there around food. These all came about because we lost our way with the role of food in our life….that is, to sustain us physically. Too many are seduced by the hidden addictive ingredients added to prolong shelf life, reduce costs, add bulk and increase the flavours of food. Unfortunately the end result is we have less and less real food available to us. It is now up to us to make conscious choices daily.  

What food counts as Nude Food?
This is really up to the individual. For me, Nude Food means food that is delivered as nature intended and NOT processed in a factory. Cooking is ok for me, some prefer food raw. It’s a personal choice. I think people evolve on their food journey as they do in life. Conscious choice is the most important thing. Self-education, self-empowerment and self-serving (in service to self) are key ingredients on the Nude Food journey.

As an intuitive life coach I work with loads of folks in many areas of life; love, careers, relationships, money and of course health. What I find is that no matter what is causing them to seek support from me, an improvement in their health through a few simple changes, enables them to shift their life towards what they love. After all, our bodies are the temple housing our amazing hearts…we can’t go anywhere without them.

Nude or Not?
Here are some examples of what I class as Nude Foods ( of course organic, fresh and local are best where possible):

Not – Factory roasted nuts
Kinda – Raw nuts roasted by you
Good - Raw nuts
Great – Activated nuts

Not – milk in a carton
Good – milk from a cow (find a farmer)
Some prefer no dairy at all (personal choice)

Not – bagged baby spinach leaves (they are gassed)
Good – loose baby spinach leaves from your fruit shop
Great – baby spinach leaves you grow yourself

Not – fillet steak (unless you kill the animal yourself)
Kinda – fillet steak from a biodynamic farmer that you kill and serve yourself
I am a vegetarian for physical and moral reason these days (it’s just a choice)

Not – supplements e.g. vitamin D
Great – walk outside and soak up the sun

Not – dried fruit from the supermarket
Good – dried fruit in the sun (by you)
Great – live fruit from the tree or fresh as can be 

Not – bread, pasta, white rice etc
Not – glass of wine (doh!!)
Not – fried potato chips, crackers, rice crackers etc
NOT – McTake away!! (lol)

GREAT – drink fresh water that has not been ‘still’ for too long (if so move it from glass to glass twice to enliven and charge the water)

GREAT – with every mouthful of food from nature's table, be grateful and feel the nutrition being taken in by your temple. This very act will bring about the greatest health imaginable.

Let’s Keep It Simple

Just eat food that is delivered as nature intended… that is fresh, alive and organic (if possible otherwise wash it in water and apple cider vinegar).
Hope you enjoy the Nude Food journey.
Deb Field
Chief Nudie

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