Nude Foodies I Love

Graeme Ward
I met Graeme about 6 years ago at an amazing health forum featuring Don Tolman. Graeme is a great guy with a big heart...little did I know years ealier he had an acute heart and nearly died. He decided to take his health into his own hands and was learning all he could about self-care. What a journey.
He is now in great health, drug free and a raw food guy. I like to call him a Nude Foodie. (I hope he doesn't
Since being on his self-healing journey, using real food, Graeme now share his wisdom and learnings with others on his blog - read his story. Graeme and I have kept in touch ever since and usually doing a morning catch up on facebook chat as I travel to work on the train. I love him. Vist 

More Nude Foodies to be added soon....