Wednesday, 18 January 2012

LIVE food gives life, DEAD food takes life...

Do you know what live food is?
A dance with the dark side of my food and life journey has taught me a lot. I learnt a little, tried it out, learnt a little more and tried that out...on I went, always with a thought in my mind that there was more to life than what I already knew. And I have come to a simple and yet powerful conclusion about food and my body: Live food gives me life. Anything else won't add value to me as a physical being and over time will lead to dis-ease in my body.
I would go as far to say that eating processed food is as addictive and as much a slow suicide as smoking. That's a big call I know....sorry about that. But when you sit and think about it, what in earth would have us put carcinogens in our body, or eat chemicals that cause reactions, harm our organs or block our arteries. It doesn't make sense...other than they are subtle and addictive. That's right...ONLY chemicals or processed food (i.e. altered or extracted from it's natural state) are addictive. Do you know anyone addicted to apples?

Most of us get a wake up call. We are either faced with ever tightening clothes, a reluctance to look in the mirror when naked, or worse still, bad news from the doctor about a condition we have developed. Sadly some of us even deny our actions have caused these issues by believing it was all caused by an hereditary condition. Come on!! If you weren't born with it, you created it! Simple!!

Dead food found in boxes...ironic
Gee...sorry about that. I certainly got up on my soap box then, didn't I....slightly passionate about this. Here's why...I love life. I love the experiences I can have, I love time with friends and family, and I have a daughter who I wish to share life with well into her older years. And I am deeply in love with the man of my dreams who I wish to explore life, love and the world a healthy body is what will carry my heart round for years to come.

Ahum...ok time to get into the details. Grab an apple and read on.....

So What is Live Food?
Simply put, it is anything that is from nature that still has living cells in it. Therefore an apple is live food. An apple pie is not. A bunch of fresh spinach is live food. A spinach and cheese quiche is not. A macadamia nut is live (especially if you soak them in water overnight and activate them - they will commence sprouting and come to life), A macadamia nut and white chocolate muffin is not. A glass of milk from the cow is live food, a glass of low fat, high fibre, ultrapasturaised, with added iron is not. Honey collected from the bees and dripped into a jar is live food, honey that has been ultraheated and processed before bottling is not. Oh is mightly sad how far we have travelled from the gifts from nature. Ok...i can hear you asking...what about meat? Well, live meat cut from a cow (preferably that was not harmed or stressed prior to execution) and eaten quickly is live, meat that has been cut, stored, aged, smoked, frozen, or treated with chemicals to enhance its look, taste and addictive appeal is not.

Let's get REAL
To get real food that supports your health, healing and longevity, go for locally grown fruit and vegies because they are more likely to be dancing with life and energy way beyond the very fancy looking, apparently cheaper, 'buy everything in one place' supermarket fruit and vegies. I think I might do an experiment and track apples, tomatoes and garlic from its original growing location and see how far it travels and how long it is in transit. Would be very interesting data.

In closing...
As one 'living cell being' to another, consider what you put in your mouth. It is alive or is it dead or likely to cause you to be dead. Cheers corn ears. From Deb (Chef Nudie)
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