Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Ultimate Cost of Convienience and Buying Based on Price...

Why do we pay more for nude food? If we don't it will disappear!

As a mum and a wife I am conscious of ensuring we have a roof over our heads and fresh food on the table. And although I don't like all the harmful chemicals, drugs and processed foods in the world, I also realise that the jobs in these companies are helping some families keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. The strange thing is there are some farmers and suppliers of wholesome food not making ends meet. (this is the part that doesn't make sense). It is not always easy to predict the weather, crop sizes, market values etc. So being a provider of, what I call nude food, can be a risky livelihood.

So I have decided to consciously support nude food providers.

Is nude food sustainable?

In my heart I feel we are coming closer to the time when the nude food farmers are no longer viable and are either run our of business or purchased by the major food chains. Although here in Australia we still have farmers who grow food from their hearts, they are under more and more pressure to cut corners, sell for less, perhaps even sell their farms. I don't know about you, but I want to be able to buy fresh, wholesome, clean, fresh fruit and vegetables from these conscious farmers into the future. I don't want to wonder if the items I buy have been grown on the other side of the world, held in cold storage for months, have been generated by GMO seeds with the plants sprayed with weed killer or have food that has not been grown in the gorgeous sun with fresh clean water....rather it has been mostly chemically grown.

So what can we (little old us) do about it?

What if we refocussed on quality instead of cost? What if we paid them MORE for nude food? Personally I would pay $10 for a dozen REAL eggs than $3 for eggs from caged, sad, chemically feed, suffering chickens. This is not healthy nor sustainable. What if we decided to get down to our local farmers markets and get to know the farmers, thank them from our hearts and commit to purchasing as much local produce as possible.

Share your love of nude food
What if we started sharing the gift of nude food with our kids. Perhaps take them out to a local farm or free range chicken farm to show them the magic and love of food grown from the heart. Share with them the reasons local food is better for us (as it supports the needs of the people who live in the local area...research this concept, it is fascinating). Show them how to make real food from scratch. Show them factory made 'food' with all it's non nude food ingredients and let them know how it impacts their body (the house their hearts live in).

Don't hate them, help them

What can we do to encourage folks to move out of 'distructive' industries? (e.g. tobacco industry, GMO farming, drug marketers, soft drink manufacturers etc) Is it is as simple as stop buying them? Or will we need to put our money where our mouth is and pay more for 'real' food? Perhaps this may help these guys somehow make the shift back to sustainable industries.
What can we do to encourage people back to holistic industries? Become informed, support nude foodies and pay appropriate costs for real stuff and let's create the new 'coolest' way to be.

Be loud and proud

Personally I am proud to support anyone that brings love through what they create whether it be art, food, education. And if people really care about doing 'no harm'...I will support them all the way. That is why I am writing this blog. I want to create a sustainable way to think about, purchase, create and eat nude food. 
In Closing
I am in love with the nude food message and myself, my husband and I are doing a web series of stories about people that love producing and providing nude food. We will let you know when they are available on the I Love Nude Food channel. Meanwhile...grab an apple.
deb (chief nudie)
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