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Your Daily Bread

Bread's Bread, Right?
When i was growing up there was white bread and brown bread...pretty exciting choice huh. Now you're faced with five grain, high protein, low fat, low GI, sour dough, multigrain, high fibre, added vitamins and minerals etc. I don't know what was in the bread back in the good old days, but I am aghast at what's in it now. Let's go check out what's in bread (no cousin jokes

The Good, The Bad and The Down Right Ugly!! 
Sammi (8 year old daughter) and I dropped into the local supermarket last night to buy some fruit and veg plus some bread....what were we thinking! There was not one loaf of bread without additives. We ended up going to Bakers Delight (not the best choice either) but all that was available until Jerry (hubby) picks up our favourite sour dough tomorrow from a baker dedicated to creating real bread. Let's have a look at what Sammi and I found...we will start with those to avoid and work our way up.

Wonder White(1/10)
There is no way I would put this inside my body as it is nutritionally empty. I know it 'says' it has added vitamins and minerals, but they are synthetic and mostly unrecognisable by the body. I am not sure about the Hi Maize flour...but given it is called a 'unique' and 'developed' maize, makes me wonder if it is GMO.

Iodised Salt - table salt with iodine
Good sea salt heated - up to 1200F and refined to remove all the nutritional elements (84 minerals). It is mostly chemical sodium chloride.

Vineger - Acetic Acid
Is an acidic liquid produced from the fermentation of ethanol. Can cause skin irritation. Suspected respiratory, cardiovascular and liver toxicity.

Vegetable Oil - unknown type
This is an unknown. It may be a high quality oil (but i really doubt that as they would mention it is it was). More than likely it is a GMO heat pressed oil that is not great for the body.

Emulsifier - 481, 471 472e
481 may be animal or palm oil derived. It is a sodium salt of the product of lactic and stearic acids. This is prohibited in infant foods and is used in cleansing creams and hand creams. (ewww!) 471 It is mono-and-diglycerides of fatty acids and may be animal or palm oil derived. 472e It is diacetyltartaric and fatty acids esters of glycerol and may be GM, animal or palm oil derived.

Calcium Carbonate - 170
Is an anti-caking agen used in baking goods, cosmetics and vitamins. It is derived from animals or minerals such as chalk, limestone, dolomite.
Excess may cause abdominal pain, nausea and constipation.

Vitamin Niacin - B3
Used for antistatic and smoothing. Used in lip gloss, lip pumper, moisturiser, shampoo and dietary supplements. Derived from syntheic or petroleum.
May cause liver problems in high doses. Suspected cardiovascular toxicity.

Vitamin - E
May be natural or synthetic tocopherol. Used in facial cleanser, foundation , lip balm, lipstick, moisteriser abd as a suppliment. May can skin ailments (eczema, dermatitis, itching, hives, rash etc)

Vitamin - Folic Acid B9
This is a synthetic additive used in shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and medicinal.

Minerals - Zinc and Iron 
Synthetic. There are many types of zincs and I won't bother listing them all. The iron suppliments in bread are not kind to the body, i would much prefer to get this from greeen leafy vegies.

Macro Sourdough(5/10)

We thought this would be ok given it's  'organic' and from that reliable brand 'Macro'. We were suprised to find these 4 additives:

Raising Agent - 920 (Cyceteine Monohydrocholride)
Derived from: duck feathers (eww), petroleum or synthetic (oh dear). Prohibited in foods for infants and a suspected neurotoxin...WTF!!
I don't see the labels warning mums and dads about this.

Ascorbic Acid 300 - 300 also called vitamin C
Derived: from swine (pigs) or bacteria from mushrooms. May cause allergic and hyper-sensitive reactions. Prohibited in foods for infants.Derived: from swine (pigs) or bacteria from mushrooms. May cause allergic and hyper-sensitive reactions. Prohibited in foods for infants.

Vitamin Thiamen - B1 (HCL or Hydrocholoride)
Derived from: synthetic May cause itching. Not assessed for safety in cosmetics by CIR. Used in conditioner, detangler, shampoo, styling gel and as a suppliment. Derived from: synthetic or from glucose from corn and used in food, wine, cosmetics and sunscreen.

I'm not sure about you, but there is no way I am eating this stuff. Jerry and I bought this bread a while back without reading the label and he started feeling a bit off soon afterwards.

Morpeth Sourdough (10/10)
This bread is made with care, consideration and is definitely infused with love. It is as whole as we can buy without making it ourselves. Jerry and I love their bread and on occasions get up to their gorgeous bakery at Morpeth. (150 kms north of Sydney) - The township of Morpeth is grogeous.

If you have time to visit, you can enjoy great cafes, fabulous shopping and some awesome bread.

If you know a baker of great bread feel free to leave a comment and share their details. Let's support the bakers who make real bread and not those that make white glue like substances that can last on the shelves for days.


Astrid said...

Great to see you getting this information out there. As I have virtually memorised the book "THe Chemical Maze" I often just look at the bread in the supermarket, without even picking it up and walk out without any, even if I really need it! Fortunately in Ballarat the are several quality local sourdough bakers (OMG, had homemade organic potato and leek soup with sourdough and flaxseed oil for dinner last night.. to DIE for!!). Would you like me to generate a list for your page for the benfit of the locals?

Deb Field - Head Nude Foodie said...

Yes...the Chemical Maze is awesome! It would be great if you could list the local bakes here in comments. Can you send post it with links for those that wish to surf around....and also include the suburb, state and country as we have international Nude Foodies. Cheers x

Bellyfish cafe Terrigal said...

Hey Deb don't forget Nick & the team up at La Tartine Organic sourdough, Somersby , the sourdough we serve at Bellyfish. Mitch

Deb Field said...

Actually we love their bread too and buy it from the fruit and veg at Terrigal...thanks for sharing their info.

Matt Farmer said...

Deb - another great baker out there is the Healthybake company. They make a whole range of breads using ancient organic grains without any nasty additives. Their philosophy is exactly the same as yours.
Check it out here:

I buy mine from Harris Farms - I'm sure their products are available elsewhere.

Deb (chief Nudie) said...

I may update this blog with some more great breads...we use Healthybake breads also. My daughters favourite is the Kamut...thanks for the nudge. I will update blogs soon. x

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