Friday, 30 September 2011

Your Daily Bread

Bread's Bread, Right?
When i was growing up there was white bread and brown bread...pretty exciting choice huh. Now you're faced with five grain, high protein, low fat, low GI, sour dough, multigrain, high fibre, added vitamins and minerals etc. I don't know what was in the bread back in the good old days, but I am aghast at what's in it now. Let's go check out what's in bread (no cousin jokes

The Good, The Bad and The Down Right Ugly!! 
Sammi (8 year old daughter) and I dropped into the local supermarket last night to buy some fruit and veg plus some bread....what were we thinking! There was not one loaf of bread without additives. We ended up going to Bakers Delight (not the best choice either) but all that was available until Jerry (hubby) picks up our favourite sour dough tomorrow from a baker dedicated to creating real bread. Let's have a look at what Sammi and I found...we will start with those to avoid and work our way up.

Wonder White(1/10)
There is no way I would put this inside my body as it is nutritionally empty. I know it 'says' it has added vitamins and minerals, but they are synthetic and mostly unrecognisable by the body. I am not sure about the Hi Maize flour...but given it is called a 'unique' and 'developed' maize, makes me wonder if it is GMO.

Iodised Salt - table salt with iodine
Good sea salt heated - up to 1200F and refined to remove all the nutritional elements (84 minerals). It is mostly chemical sodium chloride.

Vineger - Acetic Acid
Is an acidic liquid produced from the fermentation of ethanol. Can cause skin irritation. Suspected respiratory, cardiovascular and liver toxicity.

Vegetable Oil - unknown type
This is an unknown. It may be a high quality oil (but i really doubt that as they would mention it is it was). More than likely it is a GMO heat pressed oil that is not great for the body.

Emulsifier - 481, 471 472e
481 may be animal or palm oil derived. It is a sodium salt of the product of lactic and stearic acids. This is prohibited in infant foods and is used in cleansing creams and hand creams. (ewww!) 471 It is mono-and-diglycerides of fatty acids and may be animal or palm oil derived. 472e It is diacetyltartaric and fatty acids esters of glycerol and may be GM, animal or palm oil derived.

Calcium Carbonate - 170
Is an anti-caking agen used in baking goods, cosmetics and vitamins. It is derived from animals or minerals such as chalk, limestone, dolomite.
Excess may cause abdominal pain, nausea and constipation.

Vitamin Niacin - B3
Used for antistatic and smoothing. Used in lip gloss, lip pumper, moisturiser, shampoo and dietary supplements. Derived from syntheic or petroleum.
May cause liver problems in high doses. Suspected cardiovascular toxicity.

Vitamin - E
May be natural or synthetic tocopherol. Used in facial cleanser, foundation , lip balm, lipstick, moisteriser abd as a suppliment. May can skin ailments (eczema, dermatitis, itching, hives, rash etc)

Vitamin - Folic Acid B9
This is a synthetic additive used in shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and medicinal.

Minerals - Zinc and Iron 
Synthetic. There are many types of zincs and I won't bother listing them all. The iron suppliments in bread are not kind to the body, i would much prefer to get this from greeen leafy vegies.

Macro Sourdough(5/10)

We thought this would be ok given it's  'organic' and from that reliable brand 'Macro'. We were suprised to find these 4 additives:

Raising Agent - 920 (Cyceteine Monohydrocholride)
Derived from: duck feathers (eww), petroleum or synthetic (oh dear). Prohibited in foods for infants and a suspected neurotoxin...WTF!!
I don't see the labels warning mums and dads about this.

Ascorbic Acid 300 - 300 also called vitamin C
Derived: from swine (pigs) or bacteria from mushrooms. May cause allergic and hyper-sensitive reactions. Prohibited in foods for infants.Derived: from swine (pigs) or bacteria from mushrooms. May cause allergic and hyper-sensitive reactions. Prohibited in foods for infants.

Vitamin Thiamen - B1 (HCL or Hydrocholoride)
Derived from: synthetic May cause itching. Not assessed for safety in cosmetics by CIR. Used in conditioner, detangler, shampoo, styling gel and as a suppliment. Derived from: synthetic or from glucose from corn and used in food, wine, cosmetics and sunscreen.

I'm not sure about you, but there is no way I am eating this stuff. Jerry and I bought this bread a while back without reading the label and he started feeling a bit off soon afterwards.

Morpeth Sourdough (10/10)
This bread is made with care, consideration and is definitely infused with love. It is as whole as we can buy without making it ourselves. Jerry and I love their bread and on occasions get up to their gorgeous bakery at Morpeth. (150 kms north of Sydney) - The township of Morpeth is grogeous.

If you have time to visit, you can enjoy great cafes, fabulous shopping and some awesome bread.

If you know a baker of great bread feel free to leave a comment and share their details. Let's support the bakers who make real bread and not those that make white glue like substances that can last on the shelves for days.
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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Breakfast - BREAKing the FAST

Your Daily Fast
Your body FASTS for about 6 to 8 hours each night as you sleep (fasting means: you don't eat food). This gives your system a good rest and allows the body to do its magic. Plenty happens while you are in the land of of those is self-healing. This is an amazing process I won't dive into here, however if you want to know more, jump onto google and do your own research.

BREAK-FAST of champions
There are stacks of theories about what we 'should' eat for breakfast. I eat what my body desires from the plathora of 'real' food available to me. How about we explore what may NOT be good choices.....there are loads to choose from.

Avoid Anything in a Box
My daughter knows that most 'food' that comes in a box, that sits on a shelf for weeks, which usually contain synthetic (non-food) ingredients with numbers, words like 'natural' (NOT!!), and made in a factory without any consideration of how it supports the body. She knows it is not food. Let's take a well marketed 'healthy' cereal and see what it is really made of.
The ingredients may appear to be comprehensive and full of goodness....but when you dig a little deeper you find most of those 'added' elements are actually harmful (no wonder it was banned in Denmark in 2004 - more details on why are at the end of this post...scary). I have coloured the unnatural ingredients in red. Just to name a few: Riboflavin is prohibited in foods for infants (um..doesn't this worry worries me) and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (SYNTHETIC vitamin B6) is used in hair conditioner and has not been assessed for safety in cosmetics....WTF!!!

INGREDIENTS: Australian: Cereals (62%) (rice, wheat), wheat gluten, sugar, wheat flour, minerals (calcium carbonate, iron, zinc oxide)salt, barley malt extract, vitamins (niacin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, folate).In North American Market (except Canada): Rice, wheat gluten, sugar, defatted wheat germ, salt, high fructose corn syrup, dried whey, malt flavoring, calcium caseinate, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), alpha tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), reduced iron, niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamin hydrochloride (vitamin B1), vitamin A palmitate, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

Just a question: is defatted wheat germ created from fat wheat? (lol) Why not use real wheat? Oh that's right it won't last on the shelves without being turned into a processed element...which by the way is not recognisable or useable by the body....but makes a great filler. ( you thinking yet?)
AND beware of the SALT and SUGAR in these 'foods' as it is not even close to its original form. The salt has had all 83 minerals removed and sold for profit....what is left over is put into processed food.

It does not makes sense to me to eat this stuff when it is SO easy to make your own REAL food. Eating any synthetic (pretend food) has the body go into 'emergency' action mode to actually get rid of it so it does not cause harm. Imagine what a diet full of it must be doing (concerned face).  

Choose Wisely
To break a fast, to support a body that has been in healing mode for 6 to 8 hours, it is wise to kickstart it with something wholesome. Whole meaning real food from it's natural ALIVE as possible. Not deconstructed, not processed, not reconstructed, not extracted or concocted.  Not homogenised, not pasturised, not hydrogenised, not fake colours for our eyes.

Here are some ideas that I love to gift my body with:
Water with lemon juice - a great start to the day which does wonders for the body. Real muesli (not store bought toasted varieties with 'additives') - great for cleaning the colon and provides great energy for the day. Fresh juice - made with apples, carrots, lemon, beetroot and any other fruit and vegies you like. Eggs, beans, tomato, spinach, on sour dough - organic and free range if you can and fresh ingredients (preferably not gassed tomatoes to make them red or bagged spinach with has a gas injected to keep it fresh). Fresh bread/toast - if you like toast in the morning do yourself a favour and check out the ingredients. I am unable to find 'real' bread in a supermarket as they all have so many additives to keep them fresh. I buy bakery bread that i know has only real ingredients, especially sour doughs. Fresh fruit - adding fresh fruit (which has live cells still in it) is SO good for your body. An apple a day DOES keep the doctor away. Grab one as you run out the door.

As promised: here are the details about Special K - Source at
"The country of Denmark has outlawed Kellogg's products since 2004. Danish health officials banned the cereal because, as they claimed, Kellogg's wanted to add extremely high levels of vitamin B6, calcium, folic acid and iron, which would reach toxic levels when eaten on a daily basis. Young children risk liver and kidney damage, while the fetuses of pregnant women can suffer complications from the toxins"
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Friday, 23 September 2011

Potato - Poultice Makes Perfect

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato RAW
I am not a big fan of eating potatoes, although they are great in a home made curry, and Jerry cooks them and tosses them with steamed string beans in olive oil and mustard..yum. However I bet you didn’t know how amazing they are as a poultice (to draw toxins from the body), or as a solution for burns. I recently saw a 40 minute home made video on poultices which convinced me to give it a go on Sammi’s planter wart and Jerry’s cyst. The results amazed me. Here’s what happened....
Potatoes Eats Planter Wart
My 8 year old daughter’s panter wart had been in the bottom of her foot for over a year and was getting sore and annoying. I showed her old the DVD about poultices and she decided to try potato on her foot 24/7 until it was out. We didn’t know if it would work but we decided to give it a go.

This is how we did it:
1.       Cut up a piece of muslin (very thin cotton cloth) about 10cm (4 inch) square
2.       Shred potato (about a tablespoon) and put it on the muslin
3.       Folding it over once so that only one layer of muslin was between the potato and her foot.
4.       Cut a 3 cm (just over an inch) hole in the lining of her shoe so it would not annoy her like the princess and the pea (you know the fairy tale don’t you).   
5.       Place the potato in muslin on her foot, cover with a water proof bandaid
6.       Tape over with some strong tape (because kids run around a lot and need it
7.       Put on her socks and shoes and away she went.
We replaced this each night and morning…and 30 days it was completely gone. AMAZING!!

In-cyst on Potato
At the same time as Sammi’s wart was being healed we did the same to a cyst on Jerry’s back. It was about 3 cms (a little over an inch) wide and was raised about 1cm (about ¼ inch) off his back.
After about 3 weeks, replacing the the potato every 12 hours, it started to smell really badly (it stank actually). Toxins being drawn out of the cyst.  And two days after the strong smell started, a small hole opened up in the middle of the cyst. I pushed on it and out came all this gunk…ew! It was amazing. It just kept coming out. I couldn’t believe how the potato was opening the cyst (where it never had a head on it) and draining out the gunk inside.

Burn Disappeared
The next experience with potatoes happened when I burnt myself: grabbed a pot sitting on the stove that I didn’t realise was on a hotplate. Three of my fingers got burnt on the inside pads just above the first knuckle.
I quickly put it under cold water but it was stinging really bad. I was shaking because of the intensity of the pain. Blisters were starting. I instinctively asked Jerry to shred some potato. I put a handful in my hand and closed it tight.
I sat down and tried to relax…not easy let me tell you. After about an hour I opened my hand up expecting to see three blisters and skin damage. I was amazed to see NOTHING!! There was no sting, no redness and no pain.
I could not make sense of it and actually felt like a bit of a sook. The truth is I know I burnt my fingers badly, really badly. And somehow the potato just drew out the heat and supported my skin in an amazing way.

Gotta love the potato huh.
Keep some handy for burns and other interesting poultice needs.. Share some of your thoughts, experiences and potato magic.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

SWEET STUFF: Do We Love It or Are We Addicted?

REAL Sweetness Comes From Nature

What in the world has us think real sugar is BAD and synthetic sweetners are GOOD? I hope you still don't think this...and if you do, i am hoping this article may change your mind. It has been decades since TAB softdrink (like diet coke for you young folks) hit the shelves. And like magic a market for diet products was created....we've been getting fatter and sicker ever since. 

You all know about Aspartame (951/E951)...and if you don't you need a slap. This stuff is poison. Google it and get ready to throw out your diet foods forever! Today i am going to feature a good friend of Aspartames...yes another sweetener. (Like we need more of them). Check it out!! 

Acesulphame Potassium (950/E950)

Potential Effects: Prohibited in foods for infants (there's a hint), reported to have produced tumours, leukaemia, and chronic respiratory disease in animal studies. 

Uses: mints, custard powders, dips, snacks, jelly, sauces and toppings, softdrinks, sugar free food and oral care products.

Now I am no rocket scientist but it doesn't take a genius to consider that if they prohibit this stuff in foods for infants, then it can't be good for anyone right?!! Then why is it allowed to be put into our food.

I am glad i have become aware of the things put into food to improve flavours, prelong shelf life and cause us to become addicted. I simply choose not to eat foods like this. It is amazing how my tastes have changed.

I wonder if in 20 years our kids will look back at these times with disbelief....well i hope they do.

My Daughter Loves Natures Lollies

My daughter loves the sweet goodies from natures table and often asks for natures lollies. These include: dates, strawberries, blueberries, cherries...just to name a few.

Whenever Sammi comes home from a birthday party with the bag of lollies she asks me what to do with them..."should we throw them in the bin mummy or give them away". Normally she tosses them in the bin. Occasionally she asks if she can have one...and i say this "baby, close your eyes and see how your body feels. See that it is relaxed and happy. By all means have a lolly, but i want you to take notice how your body feels in about 10 minutes. It is your body and you have to make your own choices about what you eat. Just notice how you feel and become aware of what is in these things".

Later she would tell me her body feels jumpy and yucky. I would then look up the lollies online and tell her what was in it. She rarely asks for them nowadays. 

Additive Categories

(E100–199) • Preservatives (E200–299) • Antioxidants & Acidity regulators (E300–399) • Thickeners, stabilisers & emulsifiers (E400–499) • pH regulators & anti-caking agents (E500–599) • Flavour enhancers (E600–699) • Antibiotics (E700–799) • Miscellaneous (E900–999) • Additional chemicals (E1100–1599)
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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

WATER: What's All The Fuss About?

I am not going to rave on about how important water is, you should already know that. Instead I will give you some insights about water you don’t typically hear about. After all folks, we really do need this fabulous free resource to live…you know that right?

What You Need To Know
Drink it! Yep, that’s about it. Drink water and you may just resolve every health complaint in your life. Drink 1 Litre per 22kgs of body weight (0.25 gallons per 48lbs) each day. There are huge debates on whether to drink warm, room temperature or cold water. I say, you choose….just make sure you drink it. That’s the most important thing.

What You May Not Know
Water needs to be alive…yes folks it can be dead and be no value at all to you. Rivers run, Oceans move, rain fall. Nature has magically set this up for us to put electricity into our water.  Look what happens when your fish tank pump dies…so do your fish. This is because the water loses life. To bring your water to life tip your bottled water into a glass (through the air like rain) and then tip it into another glass and repeat once more. That’s it!  

For Those Who Don’t Like Water
WTF!! You got to ask yourself one simple question: what has happened to your tastebuds or your emotional connection to water that prevents you from enjoying the most important requirement of the body (second to air)? Here are a few guesses: you drink soft drinks, you drink instant coffee, you have a diet high in processed food, water makes you go to the bathroom a lot and it is a pain, you forget to drink it.
I knew someone who drank only diet coke, no water. I was blown away! He told me he had Leukaemia and was on 23 drugs a day. My intuition told me there was a direct link. After a quick discussion about water and the addictive and deadly chemicals in diet drinks he decided to go cold turkey and only drink water. 2 years later he was on no drugs (let me repeat that) NO DRUGS and was leukaemia free. Sounds amazing doesn't it. Well, this is a true story and he now enjoys a healthy and happy life.
Makes me wonder what else could be caused by 'non water' drinks.

Your Body Will Drink Bath Water
Your body will exchange about 1 litre of water per hour (or thereabouts) if you soak in a bath. So enjoy a good soak. Add ‘good’ salt to your bath…and don’t add chemical bubble baths etc. because these will soak into your body with the water…not a good idea.

Water Kills Plants
Dead water and microwaved water will kill plants if used as there only water source. A young girl did an experiment with mircowaved water on one plant and filtered water on another. The plant getting microwaved water died in nine days whilst the other plant thrived.
What does this tell you? What this tells me is that ditching my microwave oven 10 years ago was a smart choice. It also shows the importance of live, moving water. Go check out this and many other experiments online. Get water wise.

What's Obvious
·     Drink fresh, live (energised), ‘real’ water; it is the easiest change you can make.
·     If you don’t like the taste of water, your tastes are more than likely governed by addiction.
·     Commercial waters with extra ‘you need it’ chemicals in them are no good for you.
·     Water: drink it, swim in it, bath in it, dance in and celebrate it….it IS a life saver.

What's Next?
Get up, walk over to the cupboard, grab two empty glasses, fill one with water, now tip it into the second cup and repeat. NOW DRINK IT...nice huh.

Next time you go to drink ANYTHING other than water STOP!!! and see if you have the 'will' to put it down and grab a glass of water instead. If you can't then perhaps you may have an addiction to the chemicals in whatever it is you 'need' to drink....just sayin.

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

WTF is Nude Food? Glad You Asked

Nude food (well this blog) is an open discussion on the simple wonderments about food from natures table. Yep folks, I have come over from the dark side...I have become an's why.

The Deb Field Nude Food Story
In 1996 I ended up in the fetal position on the floor of a supermarket with severe pain in my abdomin. Steve grabbed me and took me to the hospital as he thought my appendix migth be about to burst. They injected pain killers right away...and after some tests the doctor discovered gallstones.

WHAT??!! How did this happen?!! My doctor told me to have my gallbladder removed as it was a normal procedure and I didn't really need it anyway. I assumed a doctor would know better than me about my body. It didn't occur to me to question cutting me open. Or to wonder why I had a body part I didn't really need. So I had it removed.

A few years later I found myself with irritable bowel syndrome and, after a terrible time with it, I connected with a traditional chinese medicine practitioner who resolved it... in 3 days. AMAZING! But then she told me that I hadn't needed to get my gallbladder removed, that the stones could've easily been fixed. This intrigued me. How could they have been "fixed"? And why didn't my doctor know about this?

And so started my journey of discovery. I decided to take my health into my own hands and learn about how this body really works. Since then I have been able to resolve my own health issues as well as support other people on their holistic health journey.

The amazing information and simple magic of food astounds me. I am absolutely certain that any human condition of dis-ease can be resolved using the ancient wisdom from natures table.

People I Wish To Thank
I have come across some pretty amazing people who are passionate about true health and wisdom A big THANK YOU to:

WILLIAM WHITECLOUD - who has introduced me to my heart (my true self), taught me the magic of intuition and guided me on my life journey.

DON TOLMAN - who has shared food, health and life wisdom to a depth i could never imagine existed. He has healed so many peolple from conditions that most believe are terminal. He is a genius and fights the battles most run from.

TYLER TOLMAN - who shares his father's gifts and has dedicated his life journey to healing and sharing health wisdom with as many people as possible. He lives and breaths his teachings and is a reminder of what is possible.

RHONDA CHANG - who has discovered the most ancient of ancient chinese medicine wisdom. She allows the body to inform her, then assists it to re-establish its condition of health. Her approach is unique...she is brilliant.

MERYL DORY - who has dedicated her life to supporting awareness about vaccinations. She is a lobbyist for people's right to make informed choices.

ZANE and INGA TRUSCOTT - who are dedicated to bringing some amazing people to us simple folks. They have an events company and bring people like Don and Tyler to us so we can benefit from their wisdom.

BRANDON BAYS - who cured herself of a massive abdominal tumor and now shares this wisdom world wide. She helps people uncover their body's natural wisdom with the process she discovered during her own healing.

AND A BIG THANK YOU to the many therapists, healers, and self-empowered health-arians out there. Keep it going guys...!! x  
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