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Potato - Poultice Makes Perfect

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato RAW
I am not a big fan of eating potatoes, although they are great in a home made curry, and Jerry cooks them and tosses them with steamed string beans in olive oil and mustard..yum. However I bet you didn’t know how amazing they are as a poultice (to draw toxins from the body), or as a solution for burns. I recently saw a 40 minute home made video on poultices which convinced me to give it a go on Sammi’s planter wart and Jerry’s cyst. The results amazed me. Here’s what happened....
Potatoes Eats Planter Wart
My 8 year old daughter’s panter wart had been in the bottom of her foot for over a year and was getting sore and annoying. I showed her old the DVD about poultices and she decided to try potato on her foot 24/7 until it was out. We didn’t know if it would work but we decided to give it a go.

This is how we did it:
1.       Cut up a piece of muslin (very thin cotton cloth) about 10cm (4 inch) square
2.       Shred potato (about a tablespoon) and put it on the muslin
3.       Folding it over once so that only one layer of muslin was between the potato and her foot.
4.       Cut a 3 cm (just over an inch) hole in the lining of her shoe so it would not annoy her like the princess and the pea (you know the fairy tale don’t you).   
5.       Place the potato in muslin on her foot, cover with a water proof bandaid
6.       Tape over with some strong tape (because kids run around a lot and need it
7.       Put on her socks and shoes and away she went.
We replaced this each night and morning…and 30 days it was completely gone. AMAZING!!

In-cyst on Potato
At the same time as Sammi’s wart was being healed we did the same to a cyst on Jerry’s back. It was about 3 cms (a little over an inch) wide and was raised about 1cm (about ¼ inch) off his back.
After about 3 weeks, replacing the the potato every 12 hours, it started to smell really badly (it stank actually). Toxins being drawn out of the cyst.  And two days after the strong smell started, a small hole opened up in the middle of the cyst. I pushed on it and out came all this gunk…ew! It was amazing. It just kept coming out. I couldn’t believe how the potato was opening the cyst (where it never had a head on it) and draining out the gunk inside.

Burn Disappeared
The next experience with potatoes happened when I burnt myself: grabbed a pot sitting on the stove that I didn’t realise was on a hotplate. Three of my fingers got burnt on the inside pads just above the first knuckle.
I quickly put it under cold water but it was stinging really bad. I was shaking because of the intensity of the pain. Blisters were starting. I instinctively asked Jerry to shred some potato. I put a handful in my hand and closed it tight.
I sat down and tried to relax…not easy let me tell you. After about an hour I opened my hand up expecting to see three blisters and skin damage. I was amazed to see NOTHING!! There was no sting, no redness and no pain.
I could not make sense of it and actually felt like a bit of a sook. The truth is I know I burnt my fingers badly, really badly. And somehow the potato just drew out the heat and supported my skin in an amazing way.

Gotta love the potato huh.
Keep some handy for burns and other interesting poultice needs.. Share some of your thoughts, experiences and potato magic.

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Graeme Ward said...

I've been a great fan of potato poultices since I was a small boy. Seemed every few weeks, Grandma would be making a poultice to draw out something, a boil, a splinter, or something on a horse or other animal. Invariably the 'gunk' and the smell followed, total recovery and no surgery. I had the wonderful opportunity to live in Indonesia for sometime. I recall a young guy coming along suffering from a nasty looking tropical ulcer on his leg. He was looking for medisin, I convinced him that a poultice was a better option. Sure enough, after a few days the stuff the came out and a few weeks later all that was left was a tiny mark. Go for a poultice every time.

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